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Crystals for Conception

For those who are open to any method to encourage conception, let’s talk about crystals and stones and other gorgeous pretties! They’re beautiful, for one, and everyone enjoys being surrounded by beauty, but there’s also some that are said to correspond to various parts of the body and other metaphysical aspects. To experience their properties you can wear them as jewelry, put them in your living space, or carry them in your pockets or purse. It’s really about whatever feels right to you.

My number one go-to for anything involving the feminine aspect is moonstone. The 28 day (ish) cycle of the moon and of women is tied together and this gemstone can help calm emotions, encourage intuition and balance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. It’s also a stone of new beginnings, which is perfect for conception.

For the masculine aspect I suggest smoky quartz. It’s not traditionally associated with men’s health and fertility but I have found it coordinates so well with moonstone. Smoky quartz encourages grounding and stability of the physical and emotional aspects and that same stability opens a channel for conception to occur.

Carnelian is also a great choice for someone trying to conceive. It brings increased confidence to the wearer and it also brings energy to the lower energy centers of the body. If you’re feeling sexy and frisky, obviously your chance of conception goes up!

As with most things, I recommend including clear quartz as well. It will amplify the energy put into it and around it so this is a great one to put in whatever area you tend to get busy in. I do suggest putting it into a container or otherwise making sure it’s hidden from prying eyes as you don’t want anyone touching it besides you and your partner(s). It’s especially effective if you can get this in geode form, as it holds the energies in a womb-like space!

Using crystals and stones in your life is all about how it feels and what your intuitive self is saying. There’s no right or wrong choices, there’s not even better or less effective ones. These are my personal suggestions for those trying to conceive but you may go to a metaphysical shop and find yourself drawn to something else entirely. It’s a very individual thing so just consider this a starting point on your journey.

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