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About Amaryllis

Much like your birthing journey is unique to you, flowers have a language that is all their own.

Take the Amaryllis, for example. A gorgeous and bold flower that means determination, strength and love -- qualities you will draw on throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery.

As your doula I am here to guide you through your experience with birth plan assistance, on-call expertise and labor support. While my services are welcome to all, I specialize in helping the LGBTQ+ community, military members and their families, those with unique relationship arrangements, and individuals who aren't afraid to make a statement. 

In addition to my skills as a doula, I draw on my knowledge of massage therapy, energy work and metaphysical practices to provide a balance of physical and spiritual support on your pregnancy journey.

My goal is to help you have your ideal birth, whether you are my client or not. If your wishes take you in a different direction, I am happy to refer you to another birth worker.

Yours in Service,

A person in a black dress with a sleeve tattoo and long hair holds their pregnant belly.
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