Frequently Asked Questions

What does a doula do?

In short, a doula holds the intimate and sacred birthing space. Whether it is in a hospital, birthing center or your own home a doula is by your side to offer comfort, encouragement and knowledge as you pursue your ideal birth.

How will hiring you affect my partner(s) role during the birth?

If you have a partner or partners, my role is to support them just as I support you. My presence allows them to get food, take bathroom breaks, and even grab a quick nap as needed knowing their loved one is in safe, caring hands. I will never overstep my role or try to take their place.

What are your interactions with medical staff like?

I respect and honor all medical staff. Should their actions not align with your birth plan, I will bring that to your attention for you to handle as you see fit. I work for and with you.

Do you perform any physical examinations?

Absolutely not. I do not perform cervical checks, blood pressure monitoring, or any other medical procedure.

Can you still help if I have an epidural or a C-section?

Of course! With an epidural there are still comfort measures and positional options I can recommend. In the case of a C-section, you would benefit from my calm presence (for you and your partner(s)!) as well as encouragement to make informed decisions about your care.