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Placenta Packages Offered

Doula clients receive 15% off the cost of a placenta package.

Seed Package


After retrieving your placenta and sanitizing my space I'll attempt to get a blood print on a 16" by 20" canvas to capture the details of this incredible organ. Once that it done, it will be prepared according to food safety regulations then dehydrated, ground into powder and placed into vegetarian capsules.

During this process I will also arrange the cord into a pleasing shape or meaningful word, if possible, and dehydrate this as well into a keepsake.

Placenta capsules in a teal bowl resting on a wooden surface
Placenta capsules in a glass jar held in front of a blurred placenta print. Image by Tissa O’Grady

Bud Package


With this package you get all the care and attention to safety of the items in the Seed Package, but in addition I will attempt a second print of the placenta before preparation. You also get a tincture that can be kept indefinitely (if storage instructions are followed) in order to help you regulate menstrual cycles, ease the transition into menopause, or just feel better in times of stress, anxiety and emotional lows.

Disclaimer: While these statements are based on research, documentation and first hand testimonials from those who have used placenta remedies, Amaryllis Doula Services is not a medical body and does not claim to treat, cure or relieve any symptoms in pregnancy, birth or postpartum. All peoples are advised to do their own research and consult with a medical provider prior to engaging in any form of placentophagy. The information contained within this website is for general informational purposes only.

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