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Crystals for Pregnancy

After conception comes several long months of continuing your daily life while your body works overtime to grow an entire human from nothing but a few cells. As you go through this process you may have pregnancy sickness (it sure ain’t just in the morning!), a hard time sleeping, endless anxiety, and wild mood swings. Just as with the post about conception, there are some crystals that may help keep you in balance. No guarantees, but if you’re interested here’s my recommendations.

I will continue to suggest moonstone throughout this series. It can be used from conception all the way to postpartum as it connects with the Divine Feminine, calms emotions and helps balance the mental/physical/emotional aspects of this life change.

Aventurine is recommended as a way to help get through pregnancy sickness. It brings increased energy and alertness even through the physical discomfort, so it is especially good for those who already have children and need to keep parenting even when feeling ill.

Unakite is a good one as well for this period of growth. It promotes a deep bonding between the birthing parent and the baby and encourages a healthy pregnancy.

Amethyst is an excellent choice as it also assists with handling mood swings. It’s also known to calm anxiety and ease you into a deeper, more restful sleep.

With these crystals I recommend wearing them in jewelry form or using them as worry stones. You want something that you’re in contact with frequently so that the energy of the crystals can harmonize with your personal energy. Etsy can be a great resource to find bracelets made with specific crystals, or you can find a local shop that sells crystals and go choose your own!

If you’re in Michigan I know of these stores:

Artes & Craft in Hartford

Red Pine Crafts in Fremont

Black Cat Bodega in Grand Rapids

The 12th House in Grand Rapids

Spirit Dreams in Grand Rapids

Waken Soul in Grand Rapids

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