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World Doula Week 2023

March 22-28, 2023 was World Doula Week. My social media was filled with amazing images of people supporting births of every variety, doulas raising up other doulas, and comments full of joy and love.

It really, truly was a glorious thing to see! You may have noticed though that my own social media pages were very quiet for the most part. I started my week by attending a TWO DAY birth with a strong and determined mom, and I took a little time to be a hermit and process that whole incredible experience.

Honestly I think it was a great start to WDW 2023 and I might be crossing my fingers to start WDW 2024 with a birth too. It all just reaffirmed how much I love being a doula and how very fulfilling this role is.

That's all for this week, just a little musing about stuff. Thanks for reading!

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